The Low Down

aka the 'About Us' Page

Speedy Equines started tipping winners back in March 2012

Our 'system' is not automated and we invest hours updating, compiling and collating information to apply to the different permutations of each of the many conditions to consider in a horse race.  The devil is in the detail!

Throw in years of horse racing study, passion and obsession and this enables us select winners in a way that a computer program will never be able to reproduce. 

We constantly monitor and update our data  to keep it current and keep our edge.  


How It Works

We'll put up free selections for selected race meetings in UK and Ireland well before racing each day - as early as possible so we get the best value.  

Staking is easy.  For every race stake a 1 point win only bet.  

Of course, if you spot a big priced tip on our pages (and there are plenty of them) and  feel like backing it each way then go for it!

All racing results and Betfair SPs can be viewed at 

Thanks for visiting this site and we hope that you will bookmark and return.


Our selections aren't guaranteed to win (if only!).  
Let's have fun with this and remember, never bet more than you can afford to lose.  
If you find this difficult then the Gamble Aware site may be helpful.

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