Speedy Exclusives

The Speedy Exclusives are simply a selection in every race at our most profitable meeting for the day

These are all proofed and you can look back at our past performance at Racing Index

We also post our results up at the end of each day on the 
Exclusive Results page 

To start receiving exclusive members’ emails, you can make a 
secure payment with PayPal (link on the right) 

Membership costs:

We send emails out with our selections the evening before during the week
and 2 hours before the first race at  weekends and earlier when possible.  
Six days a week with one rest day (determined by the racing)

On the rare occasion when we draw a complete blank we’ll credit you with an extra day

Our exclusives are proofed with Racing Index and the results will be published on the 'Exclusive Meeting' page after racing 

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